Health & Safety – Tips & Information

Stay Safe, Be Prepared

This leaflet contains customer health, safety tips and general information for travelling with us. Please be sure to read the information carefully and share it with all members of your party.

Safety Management System

The health and safety of our groups is our prime concern and we are committed to providing the highest reasonable levels of safety throughout our tour programmes. Our Safety Management System explains the policies and procedures laid down by CGT Tours to ensure that all our tours are as safe as reasonably practicable. Please contact us for a copy of the latest version.

Risk Assessments

The completion of a risk assessment for your tour is an important and vital step on protecting the health and safety of your group. The primary consideration for any tour must be the safety of individuals for who the tour is being conducted. Additionally, a well-conducted risk assessment will assist in having your trip approved by your local authority and senior management. 

Only you can complete your risk assessment, every group is different and we will not be aware of health, behaviour, medical requirements and special needs of the individuals travelling. The group leader has a responsibility to ensure risks are assessed and appropriate control measures put in place and final approval of your risk assessment must be signed by a competent person within your own organisation.

An example risk assessment conducted by CGT Tours is available, it is generic and is provided only as a useful template/guidance for you to complete your own risk assessment. Please contact us for a copy.

Inspection Visits

Inspection visits can be arranged in advance, to allow you to complete your risk assessments. Please call us to organise.

Got a question?

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