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Young people have missed out, their opportunities for travel have been limited and our friends in Europe have missed us, now is the time to offer your students the chance to travel again by booking a tour with CGT Tours.

The Tours

Our tours are designed for school groups wishing to take their studies out of the classroom to see where it all happened. Learning outside the classroom offers an excellent educational and cultural opportunity to engage in different ways. Supporting various stages of the National Curriculum and subject areas, including history (why not complete a terms worth of history education in one or two days?) and the wider elements of humanities (geography, English, social sciences and citizenship). Have a look at our “Trip Guide” which shows exactly where our trips fit into the curriculum, if your ideal trip is not there or it seems to be a combination of trips then just speak to us.

After consultation with you, we will design a tour to fit in with your students’ studies. We will look to individualise and enhance the learning experience. All of our tours are bespoke and we will work closely with you to ensure that your tour links closely to the particular area of the curriculum that you have chosen to study – we will inspire and engage your students. We can also draw out wider historical themes and concepts to bring a site, place or city to life.

As a company we concentrate on a few destinations that we do very well, rather than many destinations where our resources are spread thinly.

Ypres and Christmas Markets Tour

1 -
3 Days
History, culture, personal enrichment – just some of the things...

From £115 pp

Christmas Markets and Battlefields

2 -
3 Days
History, culture, personal enrichment – just some of the things...

From £145 pp

Normandy Cultural History Tour

3 -
5 Days
Get the most out of a school trip by helping...

From £309 pp

Ypres History Tour

1 -
3 Days
For four long years, Flanders Fields was the scene that...

From £115 pp

History Tour The Somme

1 -
3 Days
The battle started on the 1st July 1916 and by...

From £115 pp

History on the Western Front

2 -
4 Days
Belgium, France
The Western Front stretched all the way from the North...

From £195 pp

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Full support

The office and the guiding team are here to support you every step of the way, we offer a high-quality personal service, where everything has been thoroughly thought through. Although we cannot complete your risk assessment for you, we have a Safety Management System in place. This means you can use our Safety Management System as part of your risk assessment, saving you time and effort. Furthermore, our Duty Officer will be on hand 24 hours a day to offer assistance as necessary.

Book now and get use of our free video:

"First World War Medicine"

When you book a tour with CGT Tours, we will send you our video “First World War Medicine”, which you will be able to use in your classroom for a 12-month period. Offering an introduction to the First World War, you will find sections on the major battles, trenches and surgery and treatment on the Western Front. 

History Trip Guide

All of the CGT Tours come with the option of a guide. The CGT guides act as historical interpreters of where you are going and what you want to learn about. Each of them has a variety of knowledge and expertise to support your tour with all its needs. They are familiar with the location that you are travelling to and how it fits with your educational wants and requirements. They can work with you in advance of the tour to ensure that you put together an itinerary that is correct for your needs and your students’ needs.

In addition to their specialist knowledge our guides also help act as tour managers – giving you time to concentrate on the tour and the learning experience. All our guides have up to date DBS clearance.

Schools Travel Forum

CGT Tours is an Assured Member of the School Travel Forum (STF) and in booking with us you can be secure in the knowledge that we:

  • Understand and facilitate the needs of educational travel
  • Have effective Safety Management Systems in place, specifically focused on travelling with young students
  • Offer fair terms and conditions and the best financial security

To ensure our health and safety standards are maintained our systems and procedures are fully audited annually by independent experts.

STF membership is the benchmark for good school tour providers; consequently, it is an Awarding Body for the prestigious Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge.

The Outdoor Education Advisors Panel (OEAP) endorses the Quality Badge and requests Local Authorities to recommend the use of Badged Providers and require the minimum of additional paperwork where Quality Badge accreditation is in place.

This means that you can book your trip with confidence, meet your due diligence and reduce the amount of External Provider paperwork necessary.

Education Resources

When you choose to take a group of students on tour it is usually to tie directly into an aspect of the curriculum or examination spec. However, it can also be about developing skills addressing wider issues of understanding how a particular event developed, exploring the impact of place on a situation and or, examining historical facts and narratives from a specific perspective.

Importantly any trip is about bringing the past to life through a physical engagement, that relationship enables the posing of enquiry questions that are more difficult to explore through text books and classroom-based activities alone.

In the current history GCSE students are required to explore a site overtime and this is specified as being a place in the UK, however the questions of interrogation that are employed to address that study can be used to investigate sites in many different places and covering a variety of time periods. By carrying out that investigation in multiple places students will be able to explore some of the relationships between time period and events, as well as appreciate why that type of questioning can be useful when addressing the character and events of the past.

Produced here are a series of enquiry questions that can be used to explore a theme accompanied by site suggestions. There are also suggestions for free online resources and follow up ideas. Essential to any trip for young people is an understanding of where they are going – Maps are an essential part of any tour planning.

However, we will not give you generic worksheets that just become a tick box exercise in answering basic questions. We will instead, incorporate any resources you wish to use on a tour and help you think about what resources might be appropriate for different sites.

Our Guide - Excellent! Brilliant knowledge of the area, brought the subject to life and great with the students.

Thank you for such a well organised trip - you've made my job a lot easier!

Having done many of the sites before I knew what was coming. I still managed to learn new things about familiar sites!

Thank you for all your hard work in making this trip such a success, it really is appreciated.

Our Guides

Our guides ensure that their knowledge is shared with the group through a number of methods, including, using a range of visual, audio and hands on exercises. They fully incorporate the group in the learning experience using their own expertise and enthusiasm with interactive opportunities for questioning and discussion. The guides have in-depth knowledge in the subjects they deliver and are able to explain difficult and sometimes emotional events with clarity and precision. All our guides are specially selected for their ability to develop the appropriate learning styles and to adapt each tour to reflect different ages, intellect and educational levels – they are also great storytellers!

Travel Insurance

With STF Travel Sure: Travel Insurance for schools and youth groups

A bespoke policy developed exclusively for schools and youth groups travelling with a Schools Travel Forum member. Developed by ABTA and STF with AXA Insurance to give you confidence when booking and travelling overseas.

Included as standard on all our tours, for more information visit

Want a bespoke tour?

All our tours and itineraries are bespoke and put together to match your requirements, please get in touch to discuss your tour.